The Galway Bay Irish Pub – Innsbruck

The Galway Bay Irish Pub -

The Galway Bay Irish Pub – Innsbruck

Special drinks to recommend: Cockails, Irish Beer
Name your favorite drink: Strongbow Cider
Do they serve food: yes
Special dish to recommend: Finger Food
Price range: low (drink <10€)
Music style: Irish folk
Direction:  Kaiserjägerstrasse 4, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar:
It is a funny sports bar where I go regularly. There are always a lot of really kind and open-minded guests to whom you can easily talk to. Additionally, the service is friendly and quick.


Drink of the month

Thanks to Mehmet Salkan our great bar chef. Gosling`s Ginger Beer

Drink of the month – Gosling’s Ginger Beer

The sparkles prickle on your tongue, the ginger tickles your mouth, the sugar runs lightly down your throat. Now open your eyes and look at what you are feeling right now:
It is our recommendation of the month: Gosling`s Ginger Beer.

Cafe Prückel – Vienna

Cafe Prückel Vienna

Special drinks: Apple-lemon ice tea, Prückel Creme (espresso with milk on the side)
Music: Live piano music
Opening hours: 8.30 am – 22.00 pm
Direction: Stubenring 24, 1010 Wien

What do you LIKE about your bar:
My favorite Kaffeehaus in Vienna. At Cafe Prückel, people from all generations mix and match in a 50s charme atmosphere. Very few tourists make their way here so it remained one of the few authentic Kaffeehäuser in Vienna where business people come for lunch, artists discuss the next exhibition opening, students study over coffee and elderly women play cards.

Cala del Vermot – Barcelona

Cala del Vermot

Cala del Vermot – Barcelona

Special drinks: Spirits
Favorite drink: Vermouth – house-made
Food: yes
Special dish: Chorizitos – hot meat peaces! Yummie!
Price range: medium (drink >=10€)
Direction:  Street  c/Copons 2 , Barcelona  ZIP  opens around 13.00 pm
Reservation needed: no – but luck!

What do you LIKE about your bar:
I come here almost every Saturday or Sunday afternoon to have a Vermouth and some tapas. Both, service and Vermouth (traditional Spanish Martini, served with a fine lemonade you add yourself) are great. For sure there are also other drinks, but honestly, so far I have never seen anyone drinking non alcoholic drinks in there yet (except for one pregnant lady)

Sor Rita Bar – Barcelona

Sor Rita Bar

Sor Rita Bar – Barcelona

Special drinks: Cockails, Beers
Price range: low (drink <10€)
Music style: Spanish party music
Direction:  Street Carrer  de la Merce 27, 08002 Barcelona
0034 931 76 62 66

What do you LIKE about your bar:
This bar is just fun. You can go there with your friends and have a few beers and just cheer. It is a cheap place with great and very humorous decoration from all parts of Spain. The service is quick and friendly and the guests rather alternative and open-minded.