Kirk Bar – Berlin

Kirk Bar - Berlin

Kirk Bar – Berlin

Special drinks: Cocktails
Favorite drink: I am a girl and love a good, honest Cosmopolitan
Food: no
Price range:  medium (drink >=10€)
Music style: Classical Jazz, Lounge, everything as long as it comes on vinyl
Direction: Skalitzer Strasse 75, 10997 Berlin, Germany
Opening hours: from 19.00 pm
Reservation needed: no, just a little luck and patience

What do you LIKE about your bar: During my time in Berlin, Kirk was like a classical extension of my living room. The bartender wasn`t just a bartender, but someone who understood his business. His drinks were made with accuracy and passion, this is what made cocktails, drinks, everything really honest and classic. Additionally, the atmosphere just embraces you. It is up to you to sit down in a cosy corner next to the fireplace or right behind the bar. Wherever you were the music, played mainly on vinyl, sets you slightly back in time and if some gipsies entered to set the place on fire with their dancing and fiery pipes, this feeling only increased.  Enjoy.


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