Donau Techno – Vienna

Donau Techno - Vienna

Donau Techno – Vienna

Special drinks: beers
Food: no 
Price range: low (ca 3€ for a beer)
Music style: relaxed electro by local DJs
Direction:  Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 10, 1070 Vienna
Opening hours: 8.00 pm till open end
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar: 
Donau Techno – or Donau Cafe – is a great place to have a great evening with friends. The location is really nice and hidden with no sign at the door. The music is always great but not too loud so that you can actually have a conversation. Usually packed on Fridays and Saturdays.


The Yacht Club – Abu Dhabi

The Yacht Club - Abu Dhabi

The Yacht Club – Abu Dhabi

Special drinks: cocktails
Favorite drink: TYC Flame, Flaming Lamborghini
Food: yes
Special dish: adventorous and creative pacific rim cuisine
Price range:  high (drink >10€)
Music style:  lounge  and various DJs
Direction: Bainouna Street | Intercontinental Hotel
Abu Dhabi 4171, UAE
00971 2 6666 888
Opening hours:  lunch, dinner and beyond
Reservation needed: yes

What do you LIKE about your bar:
If you are going for a lush experience in Abu Dhabi, then you should not miss the Yacht Club. Depending on what you are up to, you can go for the sofas to chill out with one of their very creative cocktails. Or you might enjoy an exquisite wine on their stools or even an amazing and internationally ranging 3-courses dinner at one of their tables.
The atmosphere is relaxed, but chique and being there at the right time, you will be surprised by a beautiful sunset over the white Marina boats.


Hoppers – Frankfurt

Hoppers - Frankfurt

Hoppers – Frankfurt

Special drinks: cocktails
Favorite drink: blueberry daiquiri
Food: no 
Price range:  low (drink <10€)
Music style: lounge
Direction: Schneckenhofstr. 8,
60509 Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
0049 69 66370859
Opening hours: 8.00 pm to open end
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar:
Hopper`s is a classic old-school cocktail bar in the midst of Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. Whatever cocktail you order, it will be served by a quick waiter who seams to know all drinks by heart. Adding to that the menu invites to discover new cocktails and long drinks, to try a different taste and to indulge in a fine classy night at the bar. Make sure to come early to get a cosy seat in one of the corners.


El Cóctel – Shanghai

El Cóctel - Shanghai

El Cóctel – Shanghai

Special drinks: cocktails, ginger beer
Favorite drink: various mules with ginger beer
Food: yes 
Price range:  medium (drink >=10€)
Music style: lounge
Direction: 47 Yongfulu Unit 202 – near Fuxing Xi Lu
+86 21 6433 6511
Opening hours: daily 5 pm – 3 am
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar: 
A stylish intercontinental place that combines Western and Eastern drinking habits. Order a nice and refreshing Mule and sit down to relax. You won´t regret it.

Naked City Brewery & Taphouse – Seattle

Naked City Brewery Taphouse - Seattle

Naked City Brewery Taphouse – Seattle

Special drinks: beer
Favorite drink: golden ale
Food: yes 
Price range:  medium (drink >=10€)
Music style: various DJs
Direction: 8564 Greenwood Ave. N
Seattle, WA.
00 1 206-838-6299
Opening hours: 12.00 am -1.00 am
lunch, dinner and beyond
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar:
Wanna go out for a range of different local beers from the tap? Wanna discover some new beer tastes and top them up with delicious burgers? Then you found your place. But this is hardly all the Naked City Brewery has to offer. This place is not only about beers, but also about culture: They show selected movies whilst a DJ synchronizes the movie soundtrack, they have silent movies with subsequent Charlie –Chaplin like Jazz music and debates with professor or politicians about topics like women, gender and pop culture. Whatever you are searching for: fun, talk, dance…. You are going to find it here.

Phil – Vienna

Phil - Vienna

Phil – Vienna

Special drinks:  everything from coffee to wine
Food: no 
Price range: medium (drink >=10€)
Music style: great mix of oldies and new electro
Direction:  Gumpendorfer Straße 10-12, 1060 Vienna
Opening hours: Mon 5 pm – 1 am  / Tue – Sun 9 am – 1 am
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar:
Phil is a place where you can literally spend all day. In the morning people come to zip coffee and read one of the many books on sale. Around lunch time it gets packed with hungry people looking for a good sandwich or soup. At night the place turns into a lively bar where you can spend a relaxed evening with friends.