River Bar – Taiwan

River Bar - Taiwan

River Bar – Taiwan

Special drinks: cocktails
Food: yes
Price range: cheap (drink < 5€)
Music style: electronic
Direction: http://www.the river.com.tw
No. 18 Da Tong Rd., Zhongli City, Taoyuan County Taiwan
Opening hours: every day 07.00 pm – open end
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar:
This is the favourite bar in Jhongli, Taiwan. Here are a lot of interesting Taiwan people and also a lot of world travellers from different countries. It’s very friendly and you can have interesting talks to Taiwan and to foreign people.


Bei Freunden Frisör Kempten


Altitude – Singapore

Altitude - Singapore

Altitude – Singapore

Special drinks: cocktails, spirits
Favorite drink: mai tai – traditional but nice
Food: no
Price range: high (drink >10€)
Music style: electronic, others (DJ)
metro raffles place
singapore 048616
phone 0065 6438 0410
Reservation needed: no (but maybe call in advance to set yourself on the guest list or to reserve a table)

What do you LIKE about your bar: 
Okay this is a posh place. But it is also a great rooftop bar with amazing views over the beautiful city of Singapore. You can just conquer the views while enjoying an ice-cold Mai Tai up in the summery Asian breeze. And if you are up for a little dancing, the DJ will certainly not disappoint you.

Jimmy Who – Tel Aviv

jimmy who - tel aviv

jimmy who – tel aviv

Special drinks: cocktails, wine, spirits
Food: no 
Price range: medium (drink >=10€)
Music style: electronic
Direction: 24 Rothschild Boulavard, Tel Aviv
phone: (03) 50-7121209
Opening hours: from 12.00 to the last customer
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar:
Are you looking for a somewhat European or even Berlin-like feeling in the midst of vibrant Tel Aviv? Then you have found your place with Jimmy Who. This vintage-style bar really reminded me of traditional alternative Berlin bars. Come in and find out!


Nanuchka – Tel Aviv

Nanuchka - Tel Aviv

Nanuchka – Tel Aviv

Special drinks: cocktails, wine
Food: yes 
Price range: medium (drink >=10€)
Music style: electronic
Direction: 28 Lilenbloom St, Tel Aviv
Phone  (03) 516-2254
Opening hours: from 12.00 to last customer
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar:
Whenever I go out in Tel Aviv I take my friends to Nanuchka. This place is such a fun mixture of cheerful atmosphere and romantic poetry.
Staff has always been friendly and forthcoming and their Georgian food – though pricey – really nice. I am sure, you are also doomed to have an amazing time here. And who knows? Maybe we end up dancing together with the party crowd at some stage.


The Yacht Club – Abu Dhabi

The Yacht Club - Abu Dhabi

The Yacht Club – Abu Dhabi

Special drinks: cocktails
Favorite drink: TYC Flame, Flaming Lamborghini
Food: yes
Special dish: adventorous and creative pacific rim cuisine
Price range:  high (drink >10€)
Music style:  lounge  and various DJs
Direction: Bainouna Street | Intercontinental Hotel
Abu Dhabi 4171, UAE
00971 2 6666 888
Opening hours:  lunch, dinner and beyond
Reservation needed: yes

What do you LIKE about your bar:
If you are going for a lush experience in Abu Dhabi, then you should not miss the Yacht Club. Depending on what you are up to, you can go for the sofas to chill out with one of their very creative cocktails. Or you might enjoy an exquisite wine on their stools or even an amazing and internationally ranging 3-courses dinner at one of their tables.
The atmosphere is relaxed, but chique and being there at the right time, you will be surprised by a beautiful sunset over the white Marina boats.


El Cóctel – Shanghai

El Cóctel - Shanghai

El Cóctel – Shanghai

Special drinks: cocktails, ginger beer
Favorite drink: various mules with ginger beer
Food: yes 
Price range:  medium (drink >=10€)
Music style: lounge
Direction: 47 Yongfulu Unit 202 – near Fuxing Xi Lu
+86 21 6433 6511
Opening hours: daily 5 pm – 3 am
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar: 
A stylish intercontinental place that combines Western and Eastern drinking habits. Order a nice and refreshing Mule and sit down to relax. You won´t regret it.

Jai-Ca – Barcelona

Jai-Ca - Barcelona

Jai-Ca – Barcelona

Special drinks: Wine, spirits
Favorite drink: Vermut
Food: yes
Special dish: all sorts of tapas that you can imagine, especially great is the seafood
Price range:  medium (drink >=10€)            
Direction: Carrer Ginebra 13, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
phone +34 932 68 32 65
Reservation needed: no – just luck!

What do you LIKE about your bar:
You come in here before lunch on Sunday or a normal afternoon and it is crowded. It is always full, but never in an annoying way since most people ranging from 20 to 80 are relaxed and friendly. Order yourself some nice tapas at the counter, get a cold beer or a nice wine and just take it all in. You will love it.