The Doors – Berlin

The Doors - Berlin

The Doors – Berlin

Special drinks: spirits, beer
Favorite drink: bush mills 16 yr old
Food: no
Price range: low (drink <10€)
Music style: alternative, rock
Direction: Knaackstr. 94, 10435 Berlin
phone: +49 304427847
Opening hours: 08.00 pm till open end
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar:
The Doors is not so much about good drinks, but a lot about good music. It has a relaxing, very down to earth atmosphere that invites you to travel in your very own musical past. Remember you favourite songs when 15, 20 or even older and enjoy the fact that all your admired musicians will never be forgotten here.



The Old Dubliner – Lüneburg

The Old Dubliner - Lüneburg

The Old Dubliner – Lüneburg

Special drinks: spirits
Favorite drink: bush mills 16 yr old
Food: no 
Price range: medium (drink >=10€)
Music style: jazz
Direction: Am Stintmarkt 2, 21335 Lüneburg
Phone: +49 4131 38186
Reservation needed: no


What do you LIKE about your bar: 
Initially, a jamming acoustic guitar aroused our interest. Therefore, we decided to go down a hidden staircase leading us to the bar of the Old Dubliner. We shouldn`t regret our decision. As soon as the bartender noticed our liking for whiskey he gave us several amazing flavours to taste. We ended up enjoying loads of Bushmills – 16 yr old – whilst talking, listening to Irish folk and indulging in an almost sentimental Irish feeling.


Kollo – Berlin

Kollo - Berlin

Kollo – Berlin

Special drinks: cocktails, wine, spirits
Favorite drink: to be honest… prosecco
Food: no  
Price range: low (drink <10€)
Music style: jazz
Direction: Chamissoplatz 4, 10965 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 34391262
Opening hours:
Mon             6pm–1am
Tue-Thu       6pm–2am
Fri-Sat          6pm–3am
Sun              7pm–1am
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar:
Sometimes I just love to sit down with a friend and talk for hours. Kollo is exactly the right place for that. With its slightly shabby but charming interior this bar is like the characteristic Berlin bar for me. The service is always attentive, but never annoying, and the music just loud enough to allow for eternal chats. This place is not so much about drinking, but about giving yourself time to live and forget about the present.


Starlet – Kempten

Starlet - Kempten

Starlet – Kempten

Special drinks: cocktails, wine
Favorite drink: ein kuss von ihr
Food: yes
Special dish:
i love their pizza
Price range: 
medium drink >=10€
Music style: lounge
Direction: Königstraße 3, 87435 Kempten (Allgäu) Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)831 9606066
Opening hours: 11.00 am – 01.00 am
Reservation needed: no (just if you come with a large group)

What do you LIKE about your bar:

Starlet is a stylish bar that offers not only high quality and creative drinks but also delicious food.
I have known that place since the day it opened and today it sometimes feels more like my living room than my favourite bar. There are so many faces I have come to know over the years. Maybe it is also due to them that I also feel a little bit like getting home whenever I enter the huge area with its shady lamps and the loungy bar music.

ein kuss von ihr

ein kuss von ihr

Süss.War gestern – Berlin

Süss.War gestern - Berlin

Süss.War gestern – Berlin

Special drinks: Spirits
Food: no 
Price range: low (drink <10€)  
Music style: Electronic
Direction: Wühlischstraße 43, 10245 Berlin
phone +49 (0)30 24412940
Opening hours: from 9.00 PM to Open End
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar:
Süss.War gestern is not a typical bar as you might expect. It is more and less at the same time. You get inside and the first thing you might realize are the dingy walls, sofas and tables. But around these you find very interesting faces lingering about. Some others might just dance to the amazing beats produced by the live – DJ somewhere at the other end. This somewhat bar is a great place to start a great Berlin night. Come in and find out!


Hoppers – Frankfurt

Hoppers - Frankfurt

Hoppers – Frankfurt

Special drinks: cocktails
Favorite drink: blueberry daiquiri
Food: no 
Price range:  low (drink <10€)
Music style: lounge
Direction: Schneckenhofstr. 8,
60509 Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
0049 69 66370859
Opening hours: 8.00 pm to open end
Reservation needed: no

What do you LIKE about your bar:
Hopper`s is a classic old-school cocktail bar in the midst of Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. Whatever cocktail you order, it will be served by a quick waiter who seams to know all drinks by heart. Adding to that the menu invites to discover new cocktails and long drinks, to try a different taste and to indulge in a fine classy night at the bar. Make sure to come early to get a cosy seat in one of the corners.


Kirk Bar – Berlin

Kirk Bar - Berlin

Kirk Bar – Berlin

Special drinks: Cocktails
Favorite drink: I am a girl and love a good, honest Cosmopolitan
Food: no
Price range:  medium (drink >=10€)
Music style: Classical Jazz, Lounge, everything as long as it comes on vinyl
Direction: Skalitzer Strasse 75, 10997 Berlin, Germany
Opening hours: from 19.00 pm
Reservation needed: no, just a little luck and patience

What do you LIKE about your bar: During my time in Berlin, Kirk was like a classical extension of my living room. The bartender wasn`t just a bartender, but someone who understood his business. His drinks were made with accuracy and passion, this is what made cocktails, drinks, everything really honest and classic. Additionally, the atmosphere just embraces you. It is up to you to sit down in a cosy corner next to the fireplace or right behind the bar. Wherever you were the music, played mainly on vinyl, sets you slightly back in time and if some gipsies entered to set the place on fire with their dancing and fiery pipes, this feeling only increased.  Enjoy.